Festival der Kiör, Zürich
13.06.2015 - 13.09.2015

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In a neighbourhood garage, which was still operating as an independent car workshop in spring, Roland Roos has set up a temporary bottle-filling facility. Reduced to the bare essentials, this facility makes the entire production process visible to the public, from the design and processing of the bottles, to water delivery and filling, through to the final sealed and packaged bottle, as well as the storage and common rooms. While, on the one hand, suitably advertised mineral water proved its potential as a luxury product long ago and, on the other hand, drinking water rights are being monopolised around the world by large corporations, Roos’s still AAA Water is a conceivably banal local product that is delivered to bars and restaurants in the immediate surroundings accordingly. In contrast, this project’s exterior parameters are complex, because the spring water, which is obtained nearby, is taken from the so-called Albisriederleitung culvert, tapping of which is permitted by a water right, although in reality its water is channelled through a kilometre-long parallel pipe to the innercity street Rennweg, where it feeds a fountain.
Roland Roos’s artworks, based on the themes of production and reduction, constantly address inversions and, despite their often apparently simple structure, only gradually reveal an enormous complexity. In his unpretentious backstreet factory, via an art project, he now manages to make something possible that is in fact, quite literally, a natural enterprise. What is happening here is actually to be expected in the age of “think global, act local” and a widespread return to regional (and, if possible, even local) products. This is why this enactment is not an enactment, and why the location does not claim to be anything that it is not, but what it is only allowed to be, in a legal sense, precisely because it is not what it represents. Indeed, still waters run deep.
Andreas Vogel

AAA Factory - labeling 

AAA Factory - engraving machine 

AAA Factory - water bottling ramp