AAA, Water Factory

Triple A is an Art In Public Space Festival hosted by the city of Zürich. The three A’s stand on one hand for the district names in which the festival took place, on the other hand it refers to quality ratings. Since the districts have backgrounds in small businesses that got replaced by contemporary lifestyle practices, Roland was interested in building up a small factory like production environment. By researching on possible contents for the factory, he got introduced to a person who owns a water right (which dates back to 1554) but didn’t get the permission by the city to make use of the water. Instead of waiting for the permission to bottle local spring water, the water factory was built up in the context of the art festival. Throughout the festival duration the AAA water was distributed to local bars and restaurants. Meanwhile the permissions arrived for bottling the water legally.

AAA-Water Factory was operated for three months in summer 2015. The temporary bottle-filling facility was built into a former car workshop (see video).

Since april 2016 the water is officially distributed in Zurich. Infos on