AAA, Water Factory

For the AAA Festival, which presented works of art in public areas in the Albisrieden and Altstetten districts of Zurich in summer 2015, Roos was invited to present his work in a former car garage. In the past, small businesses and enterprises had typically dominated the neighborhood, which has been subject to gentrification over the last few years. Roos used the art funding, which is complicit in the city neighborhoods‘ gentrification, to set up a small production unit in the garage, which formerly housed a small enterprise. The garage was turned into a water bottling plant where spring water from the city district of Albisrieden was filled into specially prepared bottles. Earlier, the owner of the water rights did not have permission from the city to do this. The art festival made it possible to distribute this local spring water. Alluding to its top quality, the water was named AAA and was distributed to local restaurants and bars during the festival.


Since april 2016 the water is officially distributed in Zurich. Infos on