0800 226 113

For the exhibition „0800 226 113“ at the Pavillion Le Corbusier, Roland Roos repurchased services which had been cost-effectively outsourced to foreign countries. To do this, he used the pavilion to set up a temporary branch office of the Kosovan call center, Baruti, which employees 400 people in Pristina. Most of them arrived in Switzerland or Germany during the Yugoslav Wars as refugees, where they learnt the language. Back in Kosovo, they are now providing call services for large Swiss companies, conducting market surveys or finding suitable candidates for job vacancies. For the ten week duration of the exhibition, the workspace of eight employees was transferred to the Pavilion in the Seefeld neighborhood in Zurich. In this top-quality, lake-view location, they answered calls in Zurich, which were usually redirected from Switzerland to Kosovo. On the posters advertising the exhibition, people were invited to call the free number 0800 226 113. The callers were immediately connected with Pristina, where an employee of Baruti informed them of what was being exhibited at the Pavilion in Zurich’s Seefeld neighborhood.


This project was produced in collaboration with the architects Luc Scherer and Malte Beutler.





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