Pavillon Le Corbusier

One of the most common labor that Swiss companies do outsource is the call center service. Many call center providers are located in Kosovo, former Yugoslavia. People from this area fled during the war in the 90s amongst others to German speaking countries. Their children got raised in this new surrounding, they went to kindergarten and school where they learned the language. After the war most of this people had to leave their place of refuge in order to move back to Kosovo. Their language skills (and technological development) allow them to build up new local businesses for costumers abroad.

For the exhibition in the Pavillon Le Corbusier in Zurich, Roland got in contact with the call service provider “Baruti”. This company is located in Pristina, has about 450 employees and is doing call services for Zurich based companies. The exhibition budget was used to bring back work that is usually outsourced. A fully functional call center was built into the Pavillon Le Corbusier. In the course of the exhibition more the 30 call agents did their work in this architectural bijou.

This work was a collaboration with the architects Luc Scherer and Malte Beutler.

The exhibition was promoted with a hotline number. Everybody calling this number got connected directly to Pristina where an agent gave information about the exhibition in Zurich.




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