Peter – gemeinsam voraus!

From the booklet: Peter, the little boy at Heidi’s side, has left the idyllic mountain landscape and discovered art for himself. One day he learns of a political decision that stirs him up so much that he feels compelled to act. With Heidi as his accomplice, Peter climbs to the second highest peak in Switzerland to revive a much-cited tradition. What happens then exceeds their wildest expectations.

This story tells about the events that have been triggered by the action Together Ahead as an autofictional story. It is conceived as another Heidi episode, based on the classic by Johanna Spyri. The real events are packaged as a fairy tale and thus provide a hilarious look at a questionable, political decision.
206 pages, 26 digital drawings, german, text by Melanie Keim and illustrated by Bertold Stallmach. Limited edition, available via the contact link only.