Verde Mare

Early 2013 Roland bought in Turin (Italy) a car of the model Fiat Panda. The car was a special edition in the color “verde mare” that was first produced in the year 1992. He parked the car in the museums deposit in Genoa where he was invited on an artist residence. During the time period of three month, Roland took apart the entire car to create small packets out of it. While un-mounting the car he invited his friends to visit him in the city for a few days or to spend a weekend in the lovely city. Each visitor took a piece of the Fiat Panda into the train on the way back home to Switzerland. Since never a problem occurred by carry the parts through the customs, the entire car arrived in Zurich. Roland then started to reassemble the car. The chassis got welded together and then carried into the museum where all the interior parts got installed as well.

The fully functional Fiat Panda was part of the group exhibition “Talk to the hand” at Helmhaus Zurich.