Verde Mare

In January 2013, during an artist’s residency program in Genoa, Italy, Roland Roos purchased a Fiat Panda of the color „Verde Mare“ (ocean green). The special edition car was produced exclusively for Italy and can be found and seen everywhere around the country. He disassembled the car into hand-luggage-size pieces. He gave these pieces to friends from Switzerland who were visiting him in Genoa to take back home. So each visitor took a piece of Fiat on his or her train trip. Did they smuggle a car or simply carry scrap metal of little value across the border? After three months and 44 train trips, the entire car had arrived in Switzerland where Roos reassembled it. In this manner, a standard model from Italy turned into a unique specimen in Switzerland. The fully functioning car was presented in a group exhibition „Talk to the Hand“ at Helmhaus in Zurich, Switzerland.